Some Recent Presentations

December 2019: Workshop “Where are the Women after Resolution 1325?”, Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands. Presented paper co-authored with Natalie F. Hudson on “Tracing the Uneven Diffusion of 1325: Norm Entrepreneurs and Narratives in Transnational Advocacy on Darfur and Congo.”

November 2019: Conference:  Hashtags | Tweets | Protest: Social
Movements in the Digital Age, Weizenbaum Institute, Berlin, Germany. Presented paper co-authored with Nina Hall on “When do we #NotWelcomeRefugees: The contentious politics of solidarity in digital spaces.”

May 2019: Conference: The Contentious Politics of Solidarity. The Center for Social Movement Studies (COSMOS), Scuola Normale Superiore, Florence, Italy. Presented paper co-authored with Nina Hall on “When Do We #NotWelcome Refugees.”

March 2019: International Studies Association Annual Convention, Toronto, Canada. Presented paper co-authored with Natalie Hudson “The depoliticising effects of everyday engagement to support SGBV survivors: run for Congo women, Robin Wright, and organic coffee” for panel “Caring through Consumption I: What is at stake in development and humanitarian practices?” Presented paper “When Do We #NotWelcomeRefugees: Examining Campaigns and Counter-Campaigns for Refugees” for panel on “Political Framing of Immigrants and Refugees.” Chaired panel “Caring Through Consumption II: What is at Stake in Gendering Global Humanitarianism and Development?”

October 2018: University of Copenhagen conference “Celebrity and Protest in Africa and the Anti-Apartheid Struggle.” Presented “Building Solidarity through Coffee: How Ben Affleck Brings Broader Public Engagement to Development.”

September 2018: European International Studies Association Pan-European Conference on International Relations, Prague, Czech Republic. Presented “Lost in Translation:  Contesting Advocacy Narratives on Sexual- and Gender-Based Violence in Conflict” and “Celebrities in Global Governance: Bringing New Actors, Ideas, and Funding to Humanitarianism.”

April 2018: American Association of Geographers 2018 Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LN. Presented “Serving up the Most Dangerous Cup of Coffee in the World: Ben Affleck and Business-Humanitarian Partnerships in Eastern Congo for panel on “Commodifying Humanitarianism – Exploring Business-Humanitarian Partnerships.”

January 2018: Barcelona Workshop on Global Governance “Access and Exclusion in Global Governance”, Barcelona, Spain. Presented “Celebrities in Global Governance: How Ben Affleck Brings New Actors, Ideas, and Funding to Development.”

November 2017: Free University of Bolzano International and Interdisciplinary Conference Image and Imagination, Between Representation and Communication, Education and Psychology. Presented “Crafting Humanitarian Imaginaries: The Visual Story-Telling of Buy-One Give-One Marketing Campaigns.”

September 2017: Johns Hopkins University School for Advanced International Studies Europe, Bologna, Italy. Presented “When Digital Saviors Stand Corrected: Exploring Counter Campaigns in Hashtag Activism” for the “Politics Beyond the State: Politics in the Internet Era Seminar Series.” Pdf summary. 

June 2017: Hertie School of Governance workshop “Global Governance in the Internet Era”, Berlin, Germany. Presented “When Digital Saviors Stand Corrected: Exploring Counter-Campaigns in Hashtag Activism.”

April 2017: Association of Human Rights Institutes Conference, Leuven, Belgium. Presented paper “Framing Sexual Violence: How Advocacy Campaigns for Darfur Responded to the UNSCR 1325 Agenda on Women, Peace, and Security.”

March 2017: LSE Centre for Women, Peace and Security Workshop on Gender and New Wars. Presented paper “How New Wars Challenge Conflict Narratives: The Gaps in Advocacy around Sexual- and Gender-based Violence in Darfur.”

February 2017: International Studies Association Annual Convention, Baltimore, Maryland. Chaired panels “Human Rights in the News: New Strategies for Press Freedom and Media Production” and “Building Dialogue between Practitioners and Academics Working on Gender Humanitarian Practices in Conflict-Affected Areas”. Presented paper “Mass Mobilization for Justice: Exploring Public Engagement through the Lens of Media Advocacy” for panel on “Human Rights and New Frontiers of Media Advocacy.” Presented paper “Mobilizing Consumer-Activists for Development? Assessing the Humanitarian Narrative of Cause-Related Marketing Campaigns” for panel “The Humanitarian in the Mirror: Producing, Consuming, and Re-using Humanitarian Representations of the Global South.”

November 2016: Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI) Symposium on ‘Security, Intervention and Humanitarianism: The political and moral challenges of the 21st Century’. Barcelona, Spain. Will present “How the Gender Lens Securitizes: The Dynamics and Contestation of Naming Atrocities in Conflict” with Natalie Hudson.

October 2016: European Sociological Association Midterm Conference “Friend and Foes of Social Movements”, Scuola Normale Superiore, Florence, Italy. Will present “Mobilizing Humanitarian Consumer-Activists: When Business Shifts from Friend to Foe in order to Build Global Solidarity through Cause-Related Marketing Campaigns.”

June 2016: ISA/IPSA/ECPR/APSA Joint Conference on Human Rights and Justice, “Human Rights in an Age of Ambiguity”, Fordham University, New York. Presented “Documentarian, Witness, and Organizer: Exploring Celebrity Roles in Human Rights Media Advocacy” for a panel on the “Social Practice of Human Rights.” Presented “Mass Media and Elite Politics in Human Rights Advocacy” for a panel on “Media and Human Rights.”

May 2016: Presented “Mobilizing Humanitarian Consumer-Activists? The Global Solidarity Efforts of Cause-related Marketing Campaigns” for “Imagining Solidarity: Visual Representations of Development in Public Campaigns Conference”, University of Manchester. Invited participant.

April 2016: European Consortium for Political Research Joint Sessions of 2016 Workshop on “Public Communication in International Politics”, Scuola Normale Superiore, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and the University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy. Presented “Mass Mobilization for Justice: Exploring Public Engagement around International Courts.”

April 2016: Presented “Ben Affleck Goes to Washington: Celebrity Advocacy, Access, and Influence” for “Everyday Humanitarianism: Ethics, Affects, and Practices” at the Center for Civil Society, London School of Economics. Invited participant.